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I was not prepared for this course, I have been a student for many years, reading and studying are two important parts of my day, but I usually mark my own pace, which by the way is lento, but this course has been andante con motto. Yesterday I felt a part of my brain disconnect, it shut down, maybe some kind of synapse block, perhaps there was an overload of information pouring in.

I will not justify my incompetence, but I believe that it is necessary to accept our limitations, that being said I have praises for Anne´s endeavour. She has opened a port with her laser approach into uncharted waters, her work is original and has helped many persons, directly and indirectly, her own experience with smoking cessation led to this program, a gathering of information that has been applied with good results for many years and that we are learning now.

The technical aspects of the treatment may appear paramount to success, but I think that other aspects of the program come into play. We have been guided into a different venue of health care, which is prevention. By treating tobacco dependence, weight reduction and stress, we can do much than jus treating one person.

Some of our professions (nursing and medicine) are mostly oriented to the acute care, when we see a patient in the majority of the cases, the damage to the body has already occurred, there is almost no possibility to revert this change, but with the treatment of these three conditions we may change the life of not one person, but as was mentioned by Carol yesterday, it can have a butterfly effect. If we help a person into a healthier lifestyle, this will have a benefit to his or her family, business and community, this person will motivate others to do the same.

We all have the basic knowledge to take care of ourselves and of our dear ones, but method Anne has developed is inclusive, it has all the elements to perform good quality work, the manual as Carol mentioned is like a second “bible “, it contains every aspect and detail of how to achieve the goals to help our dear clients and second to help ourselves.

I hope that I will bee able to use the laser for these three conditions. I had no idea of I was getting into but I thank God for being here today.

Ramon Pacheco

I'd just like to thank Linda for her support and professional intervention. I've been smoking for 60 years and have been cigarettte free now for over 4 weeks..the first time in 6 decades…this is no small accomplishment and has been the only thing that's worked in spite of trying almost every other cessation strategy. You are truly changing lives!

Mary Cuthbertson, Glasgow, UK

Mum of two Linda from Ayrshire gave up her smoking habit with us in January 2010 using laser therapy – but quickly put on almost a stone. However, Linda soon lost the extra pounds with the laser and has never felt better or fitter.

I know people use it as an excuse and I was worried I would put on weight. That was why the laser therapy works so well. Admittedly I did put on almost a stone when I stopped – but Anne Penman Laser Therapy uses the laser for weight loss as well so within a couple of months I was feeling fantastic – healthy, smoke-free and my weight gain had disappeared.

People reading this may want to quit but be worried about the weight gain. Don’t be. I was lucky,’ says 44-year-old Linda, a beauty therapist, ‘because Anne Penman was one of my clients and I suddenly realized I had the answer right in front of me!

I started my course of laser treatments in January 2010 – it was my New Year resolution – and I haven’t had a cigarette since then. The reason I loved the laser – as well as it working! – was it did help me with the weight gain and the stress of dealing with stopping smoking. And with Anne, her unique service is she also has a 24-hour helpline so I felt the support package and aftercare were tremendous.

Linda Jones, Ayrshire UK

The only way to describe Pamela Wallace is a yummy mummy – and now this glamorous mum of two is going to be featured on trendy mums website

Pamela quit her nicotine habit last April – thanks to her young daughter Lucy who talked her into trying to stop.  And after discovering Anne Penman that’s exactly what 39-year-old Pamela did.

"I had wanted to quit for years," says health support worker Pamela, "especially in my job when you actually see the appalling results of smoking.  But I’ve got to say it was actually my 11-year-old daughter Lucy who eventually made me stop."

"I think the kids get so much health education at school these days and when she found out I smoked she hated it.  Before I discovered Anne’s method of laser for smoking cessation I tried patches, nicotine gum and even went to classes but none of them worked."

Pamela smoked around 7 cigarettes a day for over 20 years.  She admits she was a secret smoker.

"I felt ashamed at smoking but could never find the will power to stop," says Lucy who lives in Carluke, Lanarkshire with her husband and two children.  "The day I had my first laser treatment was the start of a new life – and a healthy one."

"I would recommend anyone to try out laser therapy so that they can look to the future and have a long, healthy, happy life also.  At first, it seemed a lot of money to book the three-session course but now when I count up the money I have saved in the last year I realise it is worth every penny."

And the last word goes to Pamela’s gorgeous daughter Lucy:

"I’m so glad my mum doesn’t smell of cigarettes anymore."

Pamela Wallace, Carluke UK

Sandra Finan from Dundee had a 30-a-day smoking habit and it was something she never imaged capable of breaking.

She had been a smoker for 45years since the age of 21 but as her health deteriorated she knew she had to try to stop despite trying many times with patches, gum, you name it.

However, after one laser therapy session with Anne Penman, she stopped.

"It was like an amazing miracle,’ 66-year-old retired secretary Sandra told the paper. ‘It was no effort whatsoever and it didn’t take any willpower!"

Another East coast success story – accountant Maggie Wood – was also delighted to share her story with the Evening Telegraph.

She quit her nicotine habit on 1st April 1997 – 28 years after her first cigarette – when she met Anne Penman.

Sandra Finan, Dundee, UK

“I didn’t want to buy new clothes because I desperately wanted to lose weight. The people at Anne Penman Laser Therapy made me feel confident I could lose the weight and, with their help, I did! I lost 20 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size six and found a NEW ME! It was really easy and only took six weeks. I haven’t felt this good in years. The incredible thing is, I did it without starving and craving food like the other times I’ve tried to lose weight. The laser really works!”

Elizabeth Dorsey, USA

“Over the years I have tried different weight loss centers, fad diets, etc. Nothing ever seemed to work for me. As I started my 4 sessions I was very excited. After the first session, I could tell a difference in my eating and in being hungry. From the second treatment on, I was losing weight and inches. Did I diet, crave food, or always feel hungry? No! I did watch what I ate but I did not deprive myself. I did not miss the Diet Coke, candy, or anything else I used to eating. By the fourth week, I had lost 12 pounds and 4 inches! Boy, was I surprised. Since April, I have dropped 2 sizes and am still losing!”

Sundi H, USA

"I have done Anne Penman Weight Loss Laser Therapy for two months and have lost 16 lbs.! I follow a simple eating plan. With it I find it is easy to eat out at restaurants as well as at home. I believe I have found the solution that will work for the rest of my life. The laser therapy has stopped my cravings and boosted my energy level. Thanks Anne Penman!"

Charlotte C, USA

"It’s like my cravings just vanished! It’s amazing that a little light could make such a huge difference, but when I look in the mirror, I know it’s true."

Jean A, USA

"I love the Anne Penman Weight Loss Program. I am not so much a chocolate person but a potato chip person and with the help of Anne Penman Laser Therapy, it has reduced my cravings tremendously. I feel much better about myself. I sleep better, have more energy, and still losing weight. This program does not feel like a Diet program, but a way of life. I crave the fruits and vegetables that are good for you instead of the junk food. Everyone at Anne Penman are so supportive and nice, they make you feel so wonderful and relish in your accomplishments along with you."

Carrie N

"I’d like to thank Anne Penman and all of her staff. I have tried every form of diet, diet pill and weight loss plan I heard about with little or no success. The cold laser treatments are a miracle for me. I used to snack every 2 hours and tons of chocolate and sweets in addition to cleaning my plate. After the cold laser treatments I eat much less at meals and seldom want snacks. I no longer crave chocolate and sugar and I feel wonderful! I am relaxed and sleep well and have more energy than I have had in years. I can’t believe how easy it has been to lose weight, it’s a miracle. The staff are also helpful and courteous and very supportive. Thank you all."

Diane D, USA

"In the past I have tried so many things to lose weight, slimming clubs, meal replacement courses etc and lost weight quickly and put twice as much on in the same time but this is different. I don’t feel like I am on diet, just eating healthy, feeling great and 18lbs lighter. I have stayed the same now for 5 months without struggling or fighting with myself. I love the relaxing effect of the laser, the feeling of being in control and knowing the support is always there for me. Thank you Anne"

Jackie S, Glasgow UK

"I have been attending the Anne Penman center in Glasgow for almost 12 years for stress treatments. I had a friend who used the therapy to stop smoking and felt so good I wanted to try it for stress headaches. It helped me through lots of stressful situations in my life and I continue to go at least 8 weeks. I love the laser and the relaxed tranquil atmosphere. Thank you Anne."

Gina, Glasgow UK

"I was referred to Anne Penman by our company nurse. I wasn’t sleeping well; I was grumpy and stressed but didn’t want to do anything about it. I went along for my first course and thought what a lot of nonsense BUT the laser makes me feel great, helps me sleep better and I am not as grumpy with the family. I am happy to recommend this therapy to anyone who has stress."

George, Stirling UK

"The laser for relaxation is wonderful. It really helps with pre-menstrual tension and stops me eating so much chocolate."

Elizabeth J, Glasgow UK

"I went to Anne Penman for help when my daughter first left home. I was feeling really low and stressing about everything, The treatment was recommended to me by a friend who had successfully used it to stop smoking and said it made her feel great. I had a full course of treatment before I really felt better but now go every month for a session. It is like a massage without removing your clothes. It makes me feel great."

Betty, Glasgow

"I was referred to the program by a friend. I went for stress management because of work related issues as I just wasn’t coping. I think the laser is good and I love the black chair in the treatment room."

Sam, Glasgow UK

"As I am dealing with as long-term anxiety issue, I heard about and came to see Eileen. I was hoping for a total cure or at least favourable positive results. After six treatments, I was amazed at how much more calm I felt. Because of a time constraint, I was unable to take additional treatments. However, if possible I intend to continue treatments next spring. Eileen is personable, knowledgeable and competent."