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My Story

Let me introduce myself and tell you a bit about my background

My name is Anne Penman and I have been practicing laser therapy for smoking cessation since 1992 and offering training courses since 1994. I quit my ‘nicotine addiction’ on April 19th 1991 – I was a 60 a day smoker who loved every single cigarette and would never have considered stopping smoking until my husband Ron (who was also 60 cigarettes a day smoker) had his second heart attack at the age of 41 and was told he needed a triple bypass to stay alive. I reluctantly tried everything available at that time and it wasn’t until I found laser therapy that I was able to quit.

I went for my first laser therapy session to please my family, determined not to quit and was totally shocked when the treatment helped, and I quit. I could not believe I had found something that helped me and wanted to spread to word and help others.

My husband Ron is now seventy-one and doing well. We both continue to dedicate our life’s work to inspire and help others to quit smoking. Our ultimate goal is to complete clinical research and have Anne Penman Laser Therapy offered as a mainstream choice to all smokers worldwide.

It is my dream to help as many people as possible make long-term lifestyle changes. I truly believe that with the right support, you can do anything.

A Career in Laser Therapy

As well as being a therapist for the last 28 years I have also been teaching and sharing my knowledge with others. We currently have Anne Penman locations in the US, UK, Canada, Asia and Europe.

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