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Tips to Help You Balance The Stress in Your Life

Below are some tips to help you balance the stress in your life

  • Pat yourself on the back – if you’re reading this you are ready to take action.
  • Make time for yourself. Set aside some guilt-free me time just to relax, even ten minutes will make a difference.
  • Don’t try to do everything – doing part of something is better than doing nothing. Even if you can’t complete a project, it’s better to take a small chunk out of it rather than doing nothing at all.
  • Learn to say NO! This isn’t always easy but it can make a world of difference. Even if you can’t say no completely, try to set limits around how much you will/can do and when.
  • Delegate. Ask for help – at home and work.
  • Do the yucky stuff first. Take care of the tasks you dislike so you don’t have to waste precious mental time stressing about not having them done.
  • Take an honest look at the activities and people in your life that are “energy drainers” Do you need them as part of your life? What would happen if you eliminated or reduced the time you spent on/with them?
  • Make sure no matter how busy you are you have time to play. Spend time with friends, outdoors, at the movies, whatever makes you happy is essential in helping you to be the most focused and effective you can be.
  • Want a break from everything? Take a walk! Slip out the door and let your feet take you somewhere. Not only will walking give you the opportunity to clear your head and take a break from any situation, but it’s also great exercise too.
  • Call a friend. We all have someone whose voice alone perks us up. Give them a buzz, even for a few minutes. Whether you share a joke, a funny story or just listen to them chatting, they will most likely put a smile on your face and calm you down.
  • Write/keep a journal. Expressing our feelings could be one of the best ways to deal with our stress. Keeping a journal is a way to capture those feelings at any moment. You don’t have to worry about what others think or say, let your pen do the work.
  • Write everything that is bothering you down and then hit the delete button!
  • Play a board game – you probably have some games stashed away in your cupboard, dust off the Snakes and Ladders, Connect Four or even Twister and have a laugh.
  • Work up a sweat – get rid of frustrations by exercising! Pop in an exercise DVD, hop on your bike or grab a skipping rope. Visualise the stress leaving your body through your pores.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh – laughter is the best stress-buster of all.

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