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A New Career In Laser Therapy

A New Career In Laser Therapy

A New Career In Laser Therapy

We offer three powerful and passionate courses that will change your life and help you change the lives of others! Our classes are small usually no more than six students at a time so the quality of education is excellent with lots of one-to-one instruction and guidance.

Our courses are for perfect for everyone, from beginners to experienced therapist. So whether you are starting a new career or adding another treatment to your existing skills, this is the ideal course for you.

We have 24 years’ of real success under our belts, hundreds of glowing testimonials and countless clients who’ve changed their lives completely with our assistance and unlike other laser training facilities, Anne Penman Laser Centres are located throughout the world!

The three training courses we offer are:

  • Nicotine addiction
  • Weight loss
  • Stress management

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Client Testimonial

Laser therapy training with Anne Penman and colleagues is a two-day course hosted on site at the Glasgow headquarters. The following is a reflective piece on my personal experiences of the course.

Initially I was drawn to the course by the rave reviews of a family member. I was also impressed by numerous testimonials available online. This made me consider treatment and training.

As a senior nurse within the field of addiction I was focused on absorbing and experiencing new techniques. I also realised I was in a very privileged position to be taught by a skilled technician with decades of experience and testimonials to confirm positive outcomes from treatments. I was very excited at the prospect of combining my transferable skills with new techniques.

I really enjoyed the practical component of the training and was initially quite uncoordinated. Getting a feel for the laser and the interaction with a test client was really invaluable.

I was also able to observe Anne treating a gentleman for smoking cessation on his return appointment. Anne displayed a level of professionalism combined with a personable approach. She provided an excellent example to aspire to for client interventions. I felt exhausted but absolutely thrilled and positive by the completion of the course. The learning experience was excellent in every way. The beautifully presented environment and the professionalism and warmth of the Anne Penman team really made me feel at ease and in the hands of supportive and encouraging trainers.

Anne Penman and her colleagues more than met their goal of producing an enthused, knowledgeable and motivated technician. Practice and dedication to the technique remain a huge part of continuing to build on the outstanding knowledge, experience and wisdom passed on by Anne Penman organisation.

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