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Harmful Effects Of Smoking

Harmful Effects Of Smoking

Harmful Effects Of Smoking

We already know how bad smoking is for you. Currently, smoking kills almost half of its users. That's almost 7 million people a year! and can lead to serious health complications.

The carbon monoxide and tar found in cigarettes do your body a great deal of damage. The carbon monoxide starves your organs of oxygen meaning they cannot function properly and the tar clings to your lungs clogging them up affecting your breathing.

Listed below are just some of the side effects that can be caused by smoking! 

Problem smoking can cause your lungs

As mentioned, the tar in cigarettes clogs up your lungs. This makes your lungs produce more, thicker mucus. Your lungs also don’t clean themselves as the cilia are damaged. Cilia are small hairs inside the lung that are vital to your lung’s health. Smoking prevents them from functioning properly and decreases the number of cilia in your lungs.

With the mucus not being cleaned properly, it stays in the lung. This can become infected.

Cigarettes contain a chemical that can turn cells cancerous.

Lung Disease

Smoking is the primary cause of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Smoking causes COPD by stiffening the alveoli (air sacs), destroying the walls in between sacs. This increases the amount of mucus in the lungs and inflaming the walls of airways.

Worsen Asthma Attacks

The damage to cilia that smoking causes prevent the dust and other asthma triggers being cleaned from your lungs. This can lead to an asthma attack. In addition, smoking allows irritable substances and chemicals to settle in the lungs. The end result is an asthma attack.


Strokes reduce the oxygen in your blood making your heart work faster. Smoking makes a blood clot more likely. This alongside arterial furring caused by smoking can all lead to a stroke as the arteries leading to your brain a sceptical to become restricted. This means the blood cannot get to your brain, leading to an aneurysm.

Heart Attack

As your blood vessels become stiff due to smoking they can no longer expand and contract with ease making them more likely to split. This can cause a heart attack or angina.

Cancers Caused by Smoking

Lung Cancer, Blood Cancer, Cervix Cancer, Colorectal Cancer, Oesophageal Cancer, Bladder Cancer, Kidney Cancer, Ureter Cancer, Larynx Cancer, Liver Cancer, Oropharynx And Mouth Cancer, Pancreas Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Trachea Cancer


Overall the main harm of smoking is inevitably death.

The strain smoking has on the heart, lungs and other vital organs can be fatal. We all know smoking is bad for you and in some respect we all know that smoking causes death, but let us be clear – smoking increases your chances of premature death

Are You Ready Quit Yet?

Cigarette addiction is a serious condition. Only 4 to 7% of people who go cold turkey can stay off the cigarettes. If you're serious about quitting you'll need to get help from a trained professional or healthcare provider.

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