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Quit Smoking: Kick the Habit

Quit Smoking: Kick the Habit

Quit Smoking: Kick the Habit

There are many different ways to stop smoking. Some people swear by nicotine patches, gum and other nicotine replacement therapies. Others swap cigarettes for e-cigarettes, which have been in the news recently warning that they could be just as addictive and harmful as conventional cigarettes.

Anne Penman Laser Therapy Glasgow is one of the only nicotine-free ways to help you stop smoking.

Stand Alone Laser Therapy Sessions Glasgow

Anne Penman Laser Therapy is offering stand-alone laser therapy sessions. These can be combined with other methods of quitting smoking to create a tailored success formula geared towards helping you quit your way.

The Benefits Of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy reduces the physical symptoms you experience when you stop smoking. This allows those in receipt of the treatment to quit smoking easier.

On top of this, laser therapy helps the body to detox and remove nasty chemicals. This is the main advantage of using laser therapy to quit smoking over other nicotine replacement therapies.

Most nicotine replacement therapies contain nicotine themselves! This treatment works by balancing the body’s endorphins whilst calming the nervous system and improving mood.

Our stop smoking program involves no medicine or pills like Zyban which can cause headaches, nausea, sleep problems, agitation and, in some cases, depression.

Counselling Alongside Laser Therapy

Alongside your laser therapy treatments, Anne Penman Laser Therapy also offers person-centred counselling. This allows us to identify the role smoking plays in your life.

We will discuss when, where and why you smoke to allow us to come up with a success plan together.

Ongoing support is vital to your success. That’s why we offer full support via our helpline alongside ongoing bonus sessions to help you reach your ultimate goal of being smoke-free.

Our support services include nicotine addiction testing and carbon monoxide testing. You can find out more about our Stop Smoking Programme

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